1. Simple Item
Create a simple item
The most basic of an item.
If you want to make an item like an ingot, a dye or any material that doesn't have an effect then this is the right example for you.
2. Item with Tooltip and custom tab
Create a custom tab for your items and an item with tooltip
3. Swords and Tools with Custom Tier (Material)
Create your first sword and tool items with your own tier(material).
4. Custom Food with an Effect
Create your first food with an effect.
5. Sword with On-Hit Effects
Burn your target or just poison it with your Sword.
6. Recipes
Create your items with a shaped, a shapeless or smithing recipe.
7. Potion and Brewing Recipe
Create your custom potion with brewing recipe.
7.2. Brewing Recipe Part 2
Second part for the brewing recipe. Here we will make the brewing recipe only accept a certain potion type.
8. New Effects
Create new effects for your food, potion, items or for anything else.
9. Simple Block
Create simple block or Ore block.
10. Block Entity
Create a block entity with your own model.