For Forge 1.17.1/1.18
This mod adds 9 new weapon to your game.
Every sword has a cool On-Hit effect.
Like this your game might be a bit easier, but more fun.

Flametongue burns your enemy.
Frostbite applies freeze on your target.
Poison Fang... well... it poisons your target.
Life Seeker has life steal effect.
Persecutor marks your target with Glow.
Blighter applies Wither on target.
Double Edge does massive damage, but at the cost of your health.
Wrath of Zeus calls the power of Zeus at the enemy.
Lawless War Blade has a random effect on each hit.
The swords are currently crafted using the Smithing table, but that is planned to be change in the future."

Here are the recipes for smithing:
- Blighter => iron sword + wither rose
- Flametongue => iron sword + blaze powder
- Frostbite => iron sword + blue ice
- Life Seeker => iron sword + Totem of Undying
- Persecutor => iron sword + glow ink sac
- Spider Fang => iron sword + spider eye
- Double Edge => diamond sword + amethyst shard
- Wrath of Zeus => diamond sword + nether star
- Lawless War Blade => netherite sword + end crystal
Feel free to send us suggestions or ideas for new weapons with special effects on either one of the sites we uploaded the mod to, on instagram(yourdailymodderx), or by sending us a mail to ""