DB Chaos
Welcome to the Chaos Server!
The point of the server is 100% survival.
Get strong to be good and help others, get their trust to protect each other
Be evil and steal or kill without reason and make a public enemy out of youself!

Of course the latter that means play your role, but still dont be a jerk to others.
Also \"grief and run\" actions can result in permanent ban!

Only one major rule next to common server rules:
Excessive cursing is not allowed!

About the Server:
-Player size change based on attributes is Enabled
-TP gain rate on 2x
-SSG only 3 saiyans are needed.
-Dragon Block C v1.4.71
-Family C v1.2.17
-Years C v1.2.5
-Armourer\'s Workshop

Disabled stuff:
-Ki explosions
-Mob griefing
-Outlook Safezones



Connection chaos.jingames.net
Version 1.7.10
Country United States
Players 0/80
Last Ping 1 minute
Website http://chaos.jingames.net/
Discord https://discord.gg/vam7hGQ
Votes 2
Tags Survival PVP PVE Forge Website Discord DBC

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