Dragon Block Wastelands
Dragon Block Wastelands is an experimental Dragon Block C server focused on teamwork, conflict, and a semi anarchy environment. Kill indiscriminately or try to protect the weak, make teams, have large conflicts, whatever you\'d like. The grind is meant to be as minimal as possible, this style of server will keep the dedicated players strong, but not let them get so hopelessly strong that a new player can\'t rise the ranks and have just as much fun.

The first area will be Muscle tower, fight RR soldiers, mechs, the two colonels, and Major Metallitron to gain 1000 TP and a senzu bean. You can do this once every day, with the goal being if you log on for at least 10 days, you will be at max stats for the season, and no grind will be needed at all! New content will be added every 2 weeks, and the stat cap gets raised as well, if it gets too far there will be a fast track for new players.

Join the discord to see the modpack, otherwise just search \"Dragon Block Wastelands\" in Technic.


Version 1.7.10
Country United States
Players 0/72
Last Ping 1 minute
Discord https://discord.gg/NxzkCXtv5e
Votes 10
Tags Discord DBC

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