YDM's Weapon Master for Forge and Fabric [1.17.1/ 1.18/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]
With this Mod your Hotbar items (1 to 8) will be visible on your Character,
with a unique location for a Shield and Banner....
YDM's Custom Camera View for FORGE[1.18.1/1.18.2]
Can can change the position and rotation of the camera when you play in third person.
Or you can just make it stop following you....
Glare for FORGE [1.17.1/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]
Get the Glare to your game!
It will show you areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn.
It does so by flying to dangerously dark areas and then throwing a hissy fit...
YDM's Harry Potter Mod for FORGE[1.18.1/1.18.2]
Play with spells and fight against the Evil!
This mod contains 20 spell from the Wizarding World.

Press the B key to switch between the normal and battle stance...
Iceologer Mod for FORGE [1.17.1/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]
This mod adds the Iceologer from the 2020 mob vote and an Ice Chunk Block
that is summoned by the Iceologer and you need to mine it with a tool that is enchanted with Silk Touch...
Scorpions Mod for FORGE [1.16.5/1.17.1/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]
This mod adds scorpions to the game!

Brown and Emperor Scorpion spawns in the desert, while the Nether Scorpion Spawns in the Soul Sand Valley...
Dragon Ball Mod for 1.18.1
This is a W.I.P. mod.

You will see the latest features added to the game here and on youtube
The Ducks Mod for FORGE [1.17.1/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]
This mod adds ducks to the game.
You can find Mallard ducks in the swamp and Pekin ducks in the taiga biome.
You can breed them with seagrass...

WeirdMobs Mod for 1.17.1/1.18.1/1.18.2
This mod adds 31 new mob with a total of 56 variaton and some new item to your game,
almost every mob has a special move that can make your gameplay into a living hell.
But do not worry! Some mobs can be tamed to fight by your side...
Mob Health Bar Mod for FORGE/FABRIC [1.16.5/ 1.17.1/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]
This mod adds a health bar above the mob.

Currently there are 6 type of bars available.
You can select which you want to use by pushing the "H" button.
CopperGolem 1.17.1/1.18.1/ 1.18.2
Get your Copper Golem that goes around rotating its head sometimes and pushing buttons in its near while oxidizing.
Allay for 1.17.1/1.18.1/1.18.2
This mod is a re-creation of the Allay, a cute little mob introduced to us by Mojang, who is planned to be featured in Minecraft 1.19.
It is attracted to Note blocks and will dance around them until it receives an item from you.
For Forge 1.17.1/1.18.1/ 1.18.2
Start your wild monster hunt with Gunblades today!
This mod adds 4 Gunblades to your game with 6 different types of Ammunition.
Every ammo type is unique and...
For Forge 1.17.1/1.18.1/ 1.18.2
This mod adds 9 new weapon to your game.
Every sword has a cool On-Hit effect.
Like this your game might be a bit easier, but more fun...
Nightmare for Forge 1.17.1/1.18.1
Happy Halloween!
This mod adds 3 new mob to your game to make your nights hell.