YDM's Harry Potter Mod for FORGE[1.18.1/1.18.2]

YDM's Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Play with spells and fight against the Evil!
This mod contains 20 spell from the Wizarding World.

Press the B key to switch between the normal and battle stance.
You can do this only while holding the Apprentice Wand
Open your Spellbook by pressing the H button.
You can drag and drop the spells from the spell book to the new hotbar that appears in the battle stance.

There are new 3 mobs:
- Troll
- Dementor
- Death Eater (2 variant)

To see the recipes and more Look at the images tab!

You can find the config for it in your run folder.

If you want a mob to spawn in another mods biome.
You have to change the biome_name line:
For example to:
biome_name = "modid:name_of_the_biome"

To let it spawn in more biomes you have to put a comma (,) between the biome names like this:
biome_name = "modid:name_of_the_biome,minecraft:desert"

Next update will be about creating a leveling system for the spells to make it more balanced and more.
Thanks for downloading this mod!