YDM's Glare [1.17.1/ 1.18.1/ 1.18.2]

Get the Glare to your game!
It will show you areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn.
It does so by flying to dangerously dark areas and then throwing a hissy fit.
With the glare by your side,
you’ll know that each tantrum might lead to monsters too!

-can be tamed and breed with glow berries.
-it glares at you
-if you want a mob to spawn in another mods biome:
You have to change the biome_name line to:
biome_name = "modid:name_of_the_biome"
For example with Biomes O' Plenty:
biome_name = "biomesoplenty:cherry_blossom_grove"

To let it spawn in more biomes you have to put a comma (,) between the biome names like this:
biome_name = "modid:name_of_the_biome,minecraft:desert,minecraft:forest"

(You have to restart the game to let the config changes happen)

If you find any errors please let me know.
Thanks for downloading my mod!