Copper Golem v2.0 for 1.17.1/1.18 forge

This mod adds Copper Golems to your game.
To make one you have to place these Blocks on top of each other:
1. Cut Copper Stairs (on the Bottom)
2. Block of Copper or Cut Copper (in the Middle)
3. Lightning Rod (at the Top)

It pushes a button every 10 seconds.
It can oxidize just like copper blocks.
You can wax them with a honeycomb.
If a lightning strikes near, then it will be redirected to the golem.
If its unwaxed then it will be deoxidized when struck by lightning.
You can oxidize it faster when using an egg on it, and you can polish it with an axe.
It will rotate its head sometimes or when you use a copper ingot on it.
Can be tamed and healed with a copper ingot, and then it will follow you when you are not too far away.
Drops some Copper Ingots on death.

Hope you like it.
If you find any errors please let me know.
Feel free to send us suggestions or ideas about the copper golem on either one of the sites we uploaded the mod to, on instagram(yourdailymodderx), or by sending us a mail to ""